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Hello there and welcome to my little piece of the blog world!

My name is Becky (hence the title of my blog..clever huh?) and I am married to my absolute best friend, Chris.  We have a beautiful baby girl, Lydia. we are:

That adorable little girlie there blessed our lives to immensely when she made us a family of 3 on March 16th, 2013!

Man my husband is a hottie!  Aaaaanyway...

I am a 29 year old Midwestern native who is about to be transplanted into the south.  This February we are making the move from our comfortable, lovely life in Des Moines, IA to Memphis, TN for my husband's new job.  Although we are looking forward to warmer weather, southern food and exciting new adventures- we are also moving farther away from everything, everyone we know and with that comes some trials.

But here is the thing.  Chris and I have a strong trust in Jesus Christ and are thankful we can follow his lead in our life.  And this is a move we are truly feeling called to.

I hope this blog serves as a journal and scrapbook of our life's happenings, a good way to make family and friends near and far feel a little closer, and a way to simply share my thoughts as a Christian, as a wife and as a momma.

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