Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Showing Respect to Your Husband

"...and let the wife see that she respects her husband." -Ephesians 5:33

One of the reasons I began blogging was because I just love the insights of other women who, like me, are striving to become more godly women and wives.  Blogs are a path for these women to express ways God is working in their hearts and the expression of these ideas helps God to work in the hearts of others.  More than crafts and decorating, this is what I have enjoyed the most about fellow bloggers. 

Chris and I went to a marriage conference this weekend (with Kirk Cameron...ahhhh teen heartthrobs....I digress).  We had been through pre marital counseling and have heard sermons on marriage before.  And this conference did not necessarily present anything new to us.  But I don't think you can ever hear enough what God's plan is for marriage.  Throughout everything we have read and heard, the theme that always resonates with me is just how much God calls us to live out the love and respect we have for each other through actions- going beyond the oooey gooey feelings- even when we don't want to.

I started following Faith's blog today and a previous post she had written reminded me of how imperative it is that we, as wives, live out, daily, the respect we are called to have for our husbands.  It is not enough to say we have respect for him, he needs to see it and feel it.  This, in turn, opens a door for God (not ME) to work in my husband's heart.  I just had to share this list she got from a book she is reading, Becoming the Woman of His Dreams by Sharon Jayne.

1. Do not talk down to him
2. Do not talk badly about him to others
3. Do not check behind him to make sure he did something to your standard
4. Do not disregard his wishes
5. Do not ignore his requests
6. Do not laugh at his mistakes
7. Do not make him the brunt of your jokes
8. Do not compare him to other men
9. Do not complain about your finances or his ability as a provider
10. Do not speak sarcastically or with verbal jabs
11. Do not roll your eyes when he makes comments you don't agree with
12. Do not continually "have a better idea"
13. Do talk to him in a pleasant tone
14. Do speak highly or compliment him in front of others
15. Do allow him to do tasks his own way and then thank him when he is finished
16. Do value his opinions
17. Do support his decisions
18. Do try to fulfill his requests
19. Do thank him for providing for your family
20. Do allow him to make final decisions
21. Do support him in his decisions regardless of the outcome
22. Do avoid the words, "I told you so"
23. Do take care of your appearance
24. Do ask his opinion about your clothes/hairstyle etc...
25. Do tell him you are proud of him

 So many of them seem so...obvious, true.  But I know if I truly evaluate myself and my interactions with my husband, I fail at so many of these seemingly simple ways to show him respect.  It is an ongoing spiritual battle and satan sets out to convince us we need to manipulate our husbands.  But the beauty of it is we are already equipped with all we need, in Christ, to be the wives God is calling us to be.
Here is a shout out to my handsome husband, who works hard to provide, makes time for me, and is always looking for ways to better our marriage and his role as a husband! I am blessed!