Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lesson From Walkin' In Memphis

This weekend marks 1 month since we have lived in Tennessee and about one month since I posted this picture:

That would be Lydia needing the slightest tip of a finger to walk.  This went on for about a month- her needing the reassurance.  She honestly never ventured to take steps on her own no matter how much verbal encouragement we would give her and no matter how steady we could tell she was on her own even while holding on to us.  We would slide our finger out from her grasp and to the ground she would collapse.  I could not wait to see those first steps!  But so far her personality is much like her daddy's, curious and interested in everything but careful and thoughtful.  She studies a situation and when comfortable, dives in!  She just wasn't ready to take any kind of step unassisted.  

I felt as though this was an early lesson in motherhood that God was teaching me as my baby was coming upon a pretty major milestone.  There are dreams I have for Lydia, as any mother does.  First and foremost I pray everyday she comes to know and accept Christ as her savior.  After that, I hope she grows healthy and strong, has many positive and encouraging friends, does well in school, participates and succeeds in many activities, marries a godly man and gives us grand babies.  I hope and pray in all of this Christ shines through her so others can see his love and grace and come to know Him as well.

As wonderful and well intentioned my hopes may be for her, God's are even more so.  And as hard to believe as it is, He loves her even more than I do.  As she grows she may fulfill the dreams I have for her.  She may not.  My role as her mother is to not force my desires onto her, but to desire for her to grow to be who God created her to be.  

Lydia took her first unassisted steps while we were having dinner with our new neighbors on February 21st.  It was totally unexpected.  She was holding on to their coffee table and 1step...2 step...3 step...4 step...down.  She did it!  From then on, it was as if she had been walking all along.  

God knew her time to start walking would be 2/21/14.  Telling her "okay...time to walk" when I thought she should be would not have worked.   Instead, it was my job as a mommy to give her my pinkie finger while she learned the balance, coordination and motor planning needed to walk independently.  I have thought a lot lately about how important it will be for me to die to myself and my desires as a momma.  Instead, I pray for God to guide me as I support my daughter in finding who she is in Christ and what that means for her life.  In God's time, she will continually meet the milestones laid out for her by the one who made her- fearfully and wonderfully.


  1. What a little sweetie, she is. I love that she decided to walk on her own time, but held your fingers as an extra caution until then. So darling. I couldn't see the videos (they say private), but I'm sure it was a great moment to see. Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog. :) Emily at Amazing Grapes

    1. Motherhood certainly is a nonstop lesson, isn't it? But, there is nothing cuter than a baby walking like Frankenstein!

      Thanks for the heads up with the videos, I fixed them!


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