Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A little about Lydia

Our little Lydia certainly is already showing quite the personality and I am enjoying learning more and more about this little person everyday.  And I know I am biased, but the personality that is emerging is just plain sweet!  

Here are some things about our little Lydi:

- She looks just like her daddy! And of course Chris just loves this!  She has my nose so far and my fingers.  Besides that, she is alllll daddy!

Baby Daddy 
Baby Lydia

- She EATS like her daddy!  While I was pregnant I read up on breast feeding as much as I could but Lydia honestly just had it down already.  Fifteen mins after she was born she took right to nursing and I was so thankful.  She hasn't stopped since!  This girl loves her food and is becoming quite the little chunk because of it.  She was born at 8 lbs 10 oz and was 8 lbs 2 oz when when left the hospital.  At 2 weeks she was already 9 lbs.   I absolutely LOVE the cheeks and rolls.

Love the rolls!
- She is a very loud sleeper.  I know a lot of babies are and maybe she is pretty normal in the area- I have never had a newborn sleeping in the room next to me so what do I know.  But we hear everything from grunts to squeals to whimpers coming through the monitor and while she sleeps during the day.  I keep trying to get a good video of this but always miss the best sounds.

- She has many faces!  Again, I keep trying to snap pics of them all but never get my camera in time.  I will compile them sometime.  But my favorite face by far is this one:

- She is so curious!  Many people have commented how alert she but she is also very engaged with her surroundings.  When she is focusing in on my and Chris' faces she will try to mimic what we are doing.  She will often stick her tongue out or try to smack her lips when we do.  She prefers to sit up to see what is going on around her and because of this she already has pretty darn good head control.  I have told Chris that I think she is going to be a stinker to put down when she is older because already, at 3 weeks, she will do things to wake herself up when she is falling asleep like kick her feet.  I think it is because, again, she is so curious!  I have been told newborns shouldn't be awake more than an hour at a time.  Well our little girl was about for almost 4 hours this morning and it wasn't because of lack of being rocked.  Yes she would whine when she was hungry or when we put her down for what she thought was too long but that time is usually filled with exploring what is going on around her or staring/smiling at me and Chris- making it impossible to put her down.

Trying to stick her tongue out because daddy did it first

Was fussy until momma sat her up

And just for the heck of it, here are some more cute pictures!

Love my play mat

Hi dad!

Not too sure about what's going on

I know she is crying in this picture, but it still makes me smile because she is so cute when she cries- don't judge

Onesie from Andrea and Brandon who are living in Germany right now

I know I am camera happy!


  1. She is adorable! I just got back on Blog Lovin and loved catching up on readings. She is a miracle. Congratulations!


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