Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lydia's first week home!

While we were in the hospital, I tried to accept as much help as possible.  Despite my heavy heart as they wheeled her away at night, we had Lydia go to the nursery at night so we could catch as much sleep as possible.  We also asked every question possible- even ones we were pretty confident we had the answers to.  We also took full advantage of room service and the refreshment room!

However, after our 2 day stay both Chris and I were ready to get home.  We couldn't wait to introduce Samson to Lydia and to just simply start this new, precious time in our life.  So we headed home and started treasuring Lydia's "firsts".

First car ride and first time "seeing" home:

First meeting with big brother Samson:

Momma giving baby girl "the tour" and showing Lydia her room!

First nap on the couch with daddy:

First spit up on daddy:

First bath at home:

She eventually really like it!
She just melts my heart!

 First outing (to the pediatricians):

First time daddy picked out her outfit:

Snuggling with Uncle Kyle:

First time meeting Uncle Craig and cousin Sydney:

First time meeting her future husband, Cade (yes he is proposing to her with a ring pop and yes we had this planned for a long time):

First roughhousing with daddy:

First walk:

Lydia has added more joy to our lives than we thought possible and we are trying to soak up every moment we can!  We know these "first" moments will be missed if we don't pay close attention.  Praying God gives us continual wisdom so we remember this.


  1. how precious! congrats :)

  2. She is beautiful! Congratulations!


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